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Concussion Awareness – Hockey Canada continues to offer important information around the prevention and appropriate response to a player who may have suffered a concussion. To learn more visit the Hockey Canada concussion resource page at https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/hockey-programs/safety/concussions

Emergency Action Plan – It is very important for all your teams to implement an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to ensure that they can properly respond to a player if they are injured. There have been revisions to this EAP that will be reflected in the Hockey Canada Safety Program in the next few weeks, and as well a new video is in the process of being created. An outline of the new information can be found at http://cdn.agilitycms.com/hockey-canada/Hockey-Programs/Safety/Safety-Program/Downloads/AED_one_pager_e.pdf

Equipment Fitting – Proper fit, protective quality and maintenance of equipment is important in keeping young players safe. For important equipment tips refer to Safety Requires Teamwork accessible at http://cdn.agilitycms.com/hockey-canada/Hockey-Programs/Safety/Insurance/Downloads/safety_teamwork_e.pdf