Lessons From Behind the Glass series

Introduction to the series - click here.

Lesson One - "Don't force your passion, your child will find their own way" - Lesson One and Click here for video

Lesson Two - "Leave your baggage at home" -Lesson Two and  Click here for video

Lesson Three - "Parents see hockey through a different set of eyes" - Lesson Three and Click here for video

Lesson Four - "Before you yell at your childfor their performance on the ice, Take a look at YOUR conduct in the stands" - Lesson Four and Click here for video

Lesson Five - "Raise a Good Person who loves to play hockey, not just a Good Hockey Player" - Lesson Five and Click here for video

Lesson Six - "Nothing in hockey is free, but it's the cost that teaches you the most" - Lesson Six and click here for video

Lesson Seven - "Enjoy the ride. The game will be over before you know it" - Lesson Seven and click here for video

Lesson Eight - "Play Through the Politics" - Lesson Eight and click here for video

Lesson Nine - "Your Dreams Should Not Cost your Integrity" Lesson Nine and click here for video

Lesson Ten - "Let go of the control you never had in the first place" Lesson Ten and click here for video

Media Release
September 5, 2018

Lessons from Behind the Glass

Hockey New Brunswick has partnered with the author of Lessons from Behind the Glass, Allyson Tufts to create a series of “lessons” that promote sportsmanship and positivity in the stands.  The Lessons will posted on the Hockey New Brunswick website and social media feeds bi-weekly, beginning Mid-September.

Whether you are about to lace up your child’s skates for the first time or you have a young teen who is coming close to the end of their Minor Hockey career, Lessons From Behind The Glass is the perfect companion to help you through your most crazy moments in the stands. From politics to perspective to passion, these lessons will help guide you to a balanced and less stressful life in the arena… and keep you laughing along the way!

Allyson attended the Hockey New Brunswick Annual General Meeting in June where she spoke to the Minor Hockey Association representative and HNB membership about her path as a hockey parent, and shared stories about experience.

CLICK HERE for more information on Lessons From Behind the Glass, where to purchase the book and the inspiration behind Allyson's story.

For more information please contact:

Nic Jansen
Hockey New Brunswick, Executive Director
Ph: 506-453-0866
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