Important Dates


September 1 District Associations and Minor Community Clubs invoiced for current season, HNB fundraiser tickets distributed. Deadline for tournaments.
October 15 League membership deadline.  Application must include appropriate membership form, fee, league constitution, league schedule and playoff format
October 31   Deadline to submit Notices of Amendment to NBMHC Operations Manual for Semi-Annual meeting
November 30 Competitive teams must have a minimum of 12 players rostered and approved by their District Director
December 1 Deadline for Parent Respect in Sport Certification
December 15 Deadline for all persons requiring certification to obtain their certification
January 10

Deadline to roster a Minor male development or competitive player
Last day for District Director to approve Team Rosters

January 15 Deadline to assign Special Affiliate Players onto HCR Team Rosters
February 12 Fundraiser
February 10 Final Date to roster a player for Minor recreational players
Final date for player transfers
Final date to add bench staff
February 15      Deadline to submit final membership payment for season, as per reallocation

March 21-23

March 28-30

NBMHC Provincial Championship B/AA

NBMHC Provincial Championship A/C

March 31 Deadline to submit Notice of Motion to amend the HNB Constitution and submit Notice of Amendments to Operations Manual to the NBMHC
HNB Fiscal Year End
April 12 HNB Award Nomination Deadline (J. Charles Daigle Award, Vance Toner Development Award, Volunteer of the Year, Female Breakthrough Award) and Scholarship Application Deadline (BF Lorenzetti Inc., Delta/Fortis Properties and Ron Bradbury Memorial)
May 27 Deadline for District Associations and Community Clubs to register for following season
June 6-8 HNB Annual General Meeting - Saint John