HNB Fundraiser

What is the HNB Fundraiser?

The Hockey New Brunswick Fundraiser is an annual event where a variety of prizes are given away each year. For the 2021-22 season HNB will be giving away the following prizes:

  • 2021 Nissan Sentra SV with Style Package
  • $5000 Cash Prize
  • $2500 Cash Prize
  • $2500 Cash Prize
  • 2 Delta Brunswick Getaway Packages

How does it benefit the players?

The intent of the fundraiser is to offer the participant the opportunity to offset some of the registration costs for minor hockey.

What Do Minor Hockey Players Have to Do ?

  • Each minor hockey player must pick up their 10 fundraiser tickets from their Minor Hockey Association.
  • Those 10 tickets are to be sold to neighbours, parents, friends etc. for $3 a piece. The money received from the sale of the tickets ($30 total) is to be kept by the minor hockey player to help offset the cost of hockey registration.
  • The minor hockey player is responsible for returning the used or unused tickets to their local Minor Hockey Association in order to have them entered into the Fundraiser draw.
  • Tickets must be in to the Hockey New Brunswick Office by January 20.

What are the Minor Hockey Associations Responsible for?

  • Minor hockey associations are responsible for getting 10 tickets to each minor hockey player registered within their Association.
  • They must provide a ticket box, available from HNB, for minor hockey players to return their completed tickets before the January 18 deadline.
  • They must return all unused and all collected tickets for the Fundraiser Draw to the Hockey New Brunswick office no later than January 18, at 4pm.
  • All tickets that are returned to the office must have staples removed in order to be eligible for the draw.

What makes a ticket eligible?

  • The ticket must be filled out by both the purchaser and the seller (player) with all the proper information as requested on the ticket.
  • The ticket must not contain staples.
  • The ticket must be submitted in its original form (i.e. not photocopied).
  • The ticket must be in the Hockey New Brunswick office no later than 4pm on January 20.

What makes a ticket ineligible?

  • A ticket bearing the name of a team will be declared ineligible.
  • A ticket that is submitted via fax or email is not ineligible.

HNB Fundraiser Record Sheet (PDF - 65 KB)