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Effective for the 2021-2022 season, there is a new version of the Hockey Canada Registry which includes Ehockey, Online Registration and also the Hockey Canada Registry 3.0.

Minor Hockey Associations have been introduced to this new system and have been working hard to learn the system for the upcoming season.

All previous activity and information that would have been housed on the old HCR 2.0 is now located on the new platform from Spordle and Hockey Canada.

Users can follow the steps below to gain access to their account and Hockey Canada ID.

Much like what was done in the past, users must create a profile, link a member and proceed to sign up for registrations, clinics and look at their coaching credentials.

Step 1: Visit the Hockey Canada 3.0 Spordle Log-In page: https://register.hockeycanada.ca/home
Step 2: Enter an email address that you have access to regularly.
Step 3: Complete the information requested for the account holder.
Step 4: A verification code will be emailed to users with the email address provided.
Step 5: Login to the new HCR 3.0/ Spordle My Account with the email and password you created.
Step 6: Read and accept the Hockey Canada Registry Spordle Terms and Conditions.
Step 7: A new dashboard will appear. To link a member Hockey Canada ID or profiles to the account and confirm the relationship to the account holder, beside “My Members” click the “Link a Member”.
Step 8: Search a member by their name and date of birth, or HCR # if known by the member. Click Search.
Step 9: Confirm that there is a match for the profile and click “Link this member”
Step 10: Relation is who the account holder is to the member. If member is yourself, you can scroll down and select “Self”. If the member is a child, you select “Parent” or other applicable options.

Once selected, you can complete this step by linking the member to your account.
Sign up for HNB Clinics, Registration and more: https://register.hockeycanada.ca/clinics

For more information or any questions, please contact,

Matt Vautour
Coordinator, Technical Programs
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 506.453.0871