Jim Stirling Memorial Scholarship Recipient

B.F. Lorenzetti and Associates Inc. are the insurance brokers for Hockey Canada. In 1996, B.F. Lorenzetti began sponsoring a program for Hockey Canada that allows every Branch to present a bursary to a deserving hockey player.

Joshua Bradford is a graduating student from Tobique Valley High School in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.

Joshua has been a sports enthusiast all his life. He learned early on that playing hockey was about more than just the game. It was an opportunity to meet his peers and a reason to get out of the house; when Joshua started hockey, he didn’t have a ton of friends, but this sport was the avenue he needed in order to flourish. He has built lifelong friendships with players, coaches, and referees. He was able to surround himself with people of similar interests and when he was on the ice it was his time to be free. Joshua took hockey seriously and gave it 100%, worked hard, took pride in his work, bettered his skills, and enjoyed teaching others as well. Joshua won an award in 2018 for Most Improved Player, which shows his dedication to the sport and to himself.

Through hockey, Joshua learned the importance of volunteering and would do so annually at the World Pond Hockey Championship, monitoring 14 games. Joshua realized too that beside working hard on the ice, he must work hard off the ice to raise funds for his play time. Joshua worked hard to help his parents as money was tight. Joshua worked summer and winter at a local garage, doing odd jobs. He has his own small vinyl business selling stickers locally and if that is not enough, he buys and fixes old bikes and dirt bikes at an affordable price. This young entrepreneur knows how to succeed!

Joshua will be putting his entrepreneur skills to hard work this summer as he plans to attend the University of New Brunswick to pursue a science in engineering degree. He obviously has excelled at sports, hard work, and academics. Joshua’s transcript was very impressive and something, along with everything else he has accomplished, he should be deeply proud of.

All the reasons listed above make Joshua Bradford a perfect choice for the 2019-2020 HNB Jim Stirling Memorial Scholarship.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD16lgOb5j0