Hockey New Brunswick has released Version 6 of the Return to Hockey Guidelines

Hockey New Brunswick has released Version 6 of the Return to Hockey Guidelines.

Updates to the document include:

  • Section 4 – Safety Guidelines (Contact Tracing) - During games, it’s the responsibility of the home team to collect the contact information for all players, coaches and spectators from visiting team.
  • Section 6 – Return to Hockey Structure - Between December 23rd-January 15th, each team can only play one other team per day.
  • Section 6 – Return to Hockey Structure: Based on Government of New Brunswick directives, Hockey New Brunswick is currently not sanctioning any tournaments or jamborees.

tracking document  has been created which outlines the changes that have been made to the Return to Hockey Guidelines, as well as an outline of the COVID-19 specific documentation that has been created.

Additional COVID-19 resources are available on the HNB website -