Hockey New Brunswick Coach of the Month for November

Hockey New Brunswick Coach of the Month for November: Rob Mullaly, FYHA!

Hockey New Brunswick is pleased to announce Rob Mullaly as the HNB Coach of the Month for November. Rob is the Head Coach of the u11 Fredericton Youth Hockey Association Sharks and the U13 Kent Kanucks.

“During this most unusual 2020-2021 year, Rob has spent hours on the ice during pre-season skills and drills with players at different levels, often not involving his own kids, and is now serving as head coach of both a U11 recreational team and a U13 competitive team. On the side, he often coaches the local Wednesday night “Mom Timbits” group where he shares his love of the game with hockey moms who have just put on gear for the first time” stated one parent.

“He invites older players who are interested in coaching to join him on the ice where he can mentor them as on-ice helpers. Rob embraced the opportunity to work on core skills with his players to really elevate their technical hockey play and has offered his famously detailed practice plans (Orange-zone-friendly editions) to other coaches who are feeling discouraged about how to proceed.”

“Rob’s coaching philosophy is clearly communicated and unapologetic: Fair play always, even in the last minute of the one-goal game on the penalty kill. He gently reminds parents that kids will always remember that the coach trusted them enough to send them out in the clutch situation. Always be positive” mentioned a parent.

Rob will receive a Bauer Coaches bag, a 1-year subscription to the Hockey Canada Network, and an apparel package from Hockey New Brunswick. To nominate someone for Coach of the Month click here: .