HNB’s 2019-2020 U7 Award- Tim McCarthy

The U7 Award was established in 2016 to recognize an active volunteer or Minor Hockey Association who has actively participated in the promotion and enhancement of the Hockey Canada U7 Program within their community.
Tim McCarthy has been an active member of the board with Carleton Minor Hockey Association for the past 8 years. He is currently the VP of the CMHA Executive and has been in this role for approximately 4 seasons.
Tim has 2 sons currently in hockey with another one who will start this fall. Rylan is 13 and just completed his second year of U13 AAA with the Northwest Bulls, where Tim was an Assistant Coach. Carsyn just completed his 3rd and final year of U7 hockey and will be moving into U9 in the fall. Gracyn is the youngest and he will be starting U7 in the fall.
Tim has been the U7 leader for the past 3 seasons. Thanks to Tim’s leadership of this program, Carleton Minor has seen a lot of success over the past 3 seasons. Tim’s “day job” as a teacher certainly shines through in his approach to how he deals with the kids in this age group.
When volunteers coached with him, Tim always referred to the Hockey Canada instruction guide and makes sure he teaches these young players the basic skills required at this level. Tim always organized the practices by creating multiple practice stations and communicating with the coach helpers prior to going onto the ice to ensure everyone knows what station / skill they are working on and to make sure everyone was on the same page. He would always end the practice with a fun game which always ended with the kids leaving the ice laughing and wanting to come back for more.
This past season, Tim spearheaded the initiative to raise the necessary funds to purchase half ice dividers for the Northern Carleton Civic Center for the U7 and U9 groups. Tim knows the benefit these will provide to both the U7 and U9 age groups and was the driving force in submitting applications for funding, presenting to our board and subsequently placing the order for these dividers. 
Tim is a fantastic leader; getting involved in helping CMHA in many different capacities. He was instrumental in establishing a power skating clinic in CMHA for all ages, which was implemented two seasons ago and has been very successful.
We are extremely lucky to have a volunteer like Tim McCarthy, which has been echoed by several members of his community and association. For everything he has done for the game and his players, Hockey New Brunswick is proud to present the 2019-2020 U7 Award to Tim McCarthy.

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