Female Breakthrough award

The Hockey New Brunswick Female Breakthrough award was established in 2004 to recognize an individual who has actively participated in the promotion of female hockey in New Brunswick during the current season.

Neal Dunn has been involved in hockey for many years in the Miramichi region and in 2018 he was elected the President of the Greater Miramichi Female Hockey Association. This past season, with Neal’s leadership the Association grew from having one Atom team and one Peewee team to having one Atom team, two Peewee teams, and one Bantam team.

Neal was also instrumental in assisting with the implementation of the Female Provincial League which operated during the 2019-20 season. Neal also serves as the ROC Female Representative for Region 6 where he consults with his ROC as well as the Female Commission on a regular basis on many female Hockey initiatives.

Neal has a great passion for promoting females in sport and is always looking for new ways to get more girls involved in the game of hockey. Just this past season he played a key role in creating an all-girls hockey day at the Tom Donovan Arena in Renous. This day had female teams from all over the province showcase their skills in a fun-filled day for the girls.

Neal and his wife Sheri were also very involved in Kraft Hockeyville in Renous, which was a huge accomplishment in New Brunswick. Both he and Sheri love to watch their daughter play hockey as well as other sports and when you ask Neal why he is so devoted to female hockey his answer is: “Female hockey has done so much for my daughter Marty, I just want to give back.”

We are proud to present this year’s Female Breakthrough award to Neal Dunn!

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmnKZN831hU